Sunday, June 28, 2015

Spending A Few Days in Elias Calles, Baja Sur, Mexico

My first trip to Elias Calles was in 1997.  I met a couple who were from the tiny little village about 40 miles north of Cabo San Lucas.  Very few people actually even know it exists but I had a connection.  Over the years, I have gotten to know it quite well.  In fact, my wife and I celebrated our wedding on the beach there in 2004.

We now have a number of friends who live in the area including our good friends Jack and Harriet. We decided to take a vacation from our vacation and head down to visit them for a few days of fun. They have a beautiful house which sits right on the Pacific Ocean.  We always enjoy our time relaxing, story telling, and just hanging out with them.

After a day of playing in the waves at Cerritos Beach, we decided to have a feast.  Abuela Rosemary made chile verde from scratch, hand made flour tortillas, and rice.  Lidia, whose family sold the land to Jack and Harriet, made some outrageously delicious frijoles.  We had the makings of a feast!

This morning I finally ran up to the microwave tower that sits up on hill north of the house.  It's taunted me for some time and I needed to work off last night's meal.  In all, it's just over 7 miles round trip from the house with endless views.  Well worth the effort!

I got home from my run and my amigo Mark had stopped by to say hello.  He and I first met at the Hacienda Hotel, in Mulege, on June 28, 1997.  I remember this day so well as it was the day of The Bite Fight between Holyfield and Tyson.  What a coincidence that today was June 28th!  We had another great meal of juevos rancheros, frijoles, skillet potatoes, and fresh fruit.  We always eat well here!

After breakfast, Jack, Tracy, the kids and I decided to explore the nearby falls. The first set are pretty cool but if you are brave enough to scale the rock face, there is a lot of cool scenery and more falls above.  We enjoyed the warm water and beautiful scenery.  Each turn of the creek offered something new to see.

Tomorrow we head down to Cabo San Lucas for a few days before returning to Bahia Asuncion.  We feel so lucky to have such good friends and family.  Until the next adventure.....