Saturday, June 27, 2015

Playa San Rafael with an amigo

I promised Pancho that I would deliver a small tv/radio to him during our summer break.  I'm sure he figured I'd forget but I was certain I would follow through.  I asked the kids if they wanted to join me for a turn-around road trip and they were stoked to join.  Now to decide when to head over.....

We were about a week into our month long stay in Baja and had just finished doing some work on the casita.  Our builder and amigo was visiting with us when I mentioned PSR.  Roberto had never heard of this place nor visited the Sea of Cortez for that matter outside of the big towns likes Santa Rosalia and La Paz.  I jokingly suggested he join us and he quickly accepted.  We would leave the following day.

I quickly threw some tents, chairs, and other odds and ends in the truck.  The next morning I picked up Roberto and 8:00am and we were on our way.  The kids were ready but I reminded them we had many miles of dirt road ahead of us.  We stopped in Vizcaino, bought some food for us and to give to Pancho, stocked up on beer and ice, and were on our way.

Normally I would head out via the El Arco road but Roberto had never been to see Mission Santa Gertrudis.  It's a cool mission way out in the middle of nowhere.  I last visited it some 20 years prior with my father.  So we cut over a few miles north of Vizcaino in search of the mission.

As it would turn out, the recent hurricanes and storms had wreaked havoc on the dirt roads.  After a few hours of bouncing around and exploring some rough roads, we found the road completely washed out.  We would explore the mission some other day.

The road to PSR is normally in pretty good shape but the rains made the day slow going.  We finally arrived but Pancho was no where to be found.  We decided to take a dip as it was hot and humid.  A few hours later, Pancho arrived.  He had actually gone into Bahia de Los Angeles for supplies with some friends something he had not done in over a year.

I've known Pancho now for almost 20 years.  He is a good man who lives alone making his money from tips from visitors.  Gabriel and Mikayla love the guy and he is wonderful with them.  Roberto quickly feel in love with the place and promised to return soon with his family.

We spent one night and then made our way back to Bahia Asuncion.  It's about a six hour trip in all going through El Arco with approximately 90 miles of dirt road and 100 miles of pavement.  Another great day in Baja.

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