Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Blessings

It's been a great Christmas so far. We were up late last night visiting with friends. We first stopped by Mike and Jane's place where we ate turkey, scalloped potatoes, wonderful rolls, and a selection of delightful desserts. We left about 10:30 or so and stopped by our neighbor's house for menudo, more turkey, and other fixings. We had some good laughs before saying our good-nights. After putting Gabriel down, we brought his presents for a morning surprise.

Gabriel woke up and looked out the window towards Luis' house. It's the first thing he does now in the morning. The two have become such good friends. After Mom made sure we were all ready, we went out to the front room together. Gabriel's eyes lit up when he saw his trike waiting for him. He knew exactly what it was and got on it. We also opened presents from Grandma Jim and Grandma Judy along with a few other presents. Gabriel seemed quite pleased with his gifts.

A short while later Grandma Zoe stopped by for breakfast. We had wheat pancakes on the patio and enjoyed the warm sunshine. Gabriel then wanted to go for a ride and show off a bit. Luis got a new bike as well so the two of them were riding around the front yard together.

After a short nap, we'll head over to Tia Lupita's for lobster and Pozole and then back over to Mike and Jane's for dinner. We really enjoy spending the holidays here. It just seems a little less stressful and carefree.

Hoping you a Merry Christmas!
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