Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Fun

As I entered February, my goals were to increase the distance of my long runs and allow my body time to recover.  Thus, I found myself running less days per week but doing longer weekend runs. Early in the month, I ran the Sean O'Brien 50k.  I had a fantastic day. In fact, I dropped 27 minutes from last year's result.  My legs were stronger which is a direct result of my daily lunge routine.

Another highlight this month was running 32 miles of the Secret Canyon trail my running club, San Diego Ultra Running Friends, SURF.  Many of us have invested sweat equity with  San Diego Trail Fit cleaning up local trails including Secret Canyon.

I finished the month hiking up El Cajon and El Capitan peaks.  This is a difficult hike I use as a recovery day.  With over 3500 ft of elevation gain in 11.5 miles, this is not a casual hike.

A few years back, a veteran runner explained the importance of learning to hike fast. In longer races, much of the day will be hiking steep climbs.  El Capitan is perfect place to practice.

Finally, February saw me turn a year older.  I feel much stronger and more focused than ever before. Life is good and I will continue to enjoy to its fullest.

Here are my month totals for February:
Running Miles:  98.41
Elevation Gain:  18,120
Time on Feet:  20:53 hours
Lunges:  1,120
Squats:  60

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