Wednesday, June 4, 2014

San Diego 100 Time To Go Big

Elevation Profile for San Diego 100

Five years ago I was set to sign up for San Diego 100 Endurance Run.  I was in shape, had time to train, and my wife gave me her blessings.  But life works in mysterious ways and my daughter Mikayla was due to arrive on race weekend.  While Tracy encouraged me to sign up, I realized it was not my time.

With Gabriel turning 6 in August and Mikayla turning 4 next week, I now have a bit more time to train.  I have survived a year and a half of building up my mileage including my longest race to date, Cuyumaca 100k, I decided it was my time to go for it.  So this weekend, I toe the line.

While I do not feel as if I'm in top shape physically, I feel more than prepared mentally.  I am ready to feel the joy and misery of endurance sports.  I have paid my dues, learned my lessons, and studied from the best. Unless I am pulled from the course, I will do everything in my power to finish before the 32 hour cut-off.

Here is what I have logged since January:

Count:                50 activities
Distance:             546.5 miles
Time:                  124:07:06 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:    87,610 ft.
Calories:             51,020

You can follow my progress at:
My bib number is 120.

There will also be TV coverage at:

By finishing this race, I will also complete the San Diego Ultra Slam

Stayed tuned for more....

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