Friday, November 29, 2013

A week of Thanks

We made our annual pilmagrage to Baja for Thanksgiving.  We normally head to Playa San Rafael to camp and then to our place in Bahia Asuncion for the remainder of the week.  This year, we were taking down tile for our recent room addition and decided to flip the trip heading to BA first.

I noticed a screw in my tire on Thursday evening.  I was bummed as the tires only had 3k miles on them.  I went by Bob Baker Toyota to see if they would help me out since my truck was less than a month old.  As usual, they took care of me, meeting me half way on the cost of a new tire.  With the unplanned delay, we finally crossed San Ysidro just before 6 pm.  On top of the late start, we had an unbelievable lightening storm which lasted almost until Ensenada.  We had an easy trip down to San Quintin where we had a guaranteed room reservation at Hotel Villa San Quintin arriving about 11pm..

The next day we made our way south.  We picked up some burritos from our go to Las Pasaditas in El Rosario.  It was a fun drive south as we kept trading places with Grandma Zoe who was heading south as well.  While making our mandatory stop for chips and beers at Industrial in Vizcaino, our amigos Pete and Brandon happened to see us on their way to our casita.  The trip into BA was incredibly fast and easy.

It was a pretty mellow week with great weather, awesome food, and wonderful people.  We made a mandatory stop at Conchita's for tacos

We also had a few gatherings at the casita.  It's easy to build up an appetite scouring all the nearby secret beaches

We had planned on leaving mid week for Playa San Rafael but none of us could muster up the energy.  So instead, explored nearby beaches, took lots of naps, and ate some more.

It's always bittersweet leaving the casita.  We love our life in San Diego but also miss our Baja life.  Fortunately for us, we'll be back in Baja in three weeks for Navidad and Ano Nuevo.  We do have a lot to be thankful for....until the next adventure.

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