Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another Guy's Trip Report....or not

As fate would have it, my wife did not get the teaching position with Sweetwater Unified School District that we had hoped for....but fortunately she was still employed. As such, she was on a traditional schedule while I enjoyed a year round. Thus, as my fall break approached I had to decide whether to stay in San Diego or venture south to our place in Bahia Asuncion, Baja Sur, Mexico. The next big decision involved if I would travel solo, with one, or two of the kids. I struggled with the decision....that is, I struggled with whether to take one or both of the kids. Life is too short, in my opinion, to leave the kids at home. I ultimately decided that it would be a guys trip and I would only take Gabriel. This would be our third guy's trip in Gabriel's three years of life. Also tagging along was David, friend and coworker.

My thoughts are still interwoven and jumbled together...reminding me that I need more alone time. We had a great time and I found myself closer than ever to my son. I also found myself yearning for a father-daughter trip. Young Mikayla is so full of energy and smiles....

I originally intended on putting a words down regarding my recent trip but now find myself thinking more about the joys of parenthood. I wonder at times if I am off a bit as so many of my friends plead for time away from their kids. No, I dream each day of how can I find more time to be with my kids.

Until the next adventure....

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