Sunday, August 14, 2011

Time moves by too quickly.....

I came up with the great idea of starting a journal today since so much happens daily that I'm afraid we'll forget. So instead I may try this blog thing.... I'm not attempting to be a fantastic writer or come up with profound thoughts, more that I'm just wanting to document the day to day fun with our family.

Where to start? It's been a typical weekend for us. We hit up SeaWorld yesterday and were quickly reminded why we don't go during the summer. Too busy for us! We like to sneak in for a few hours in the morning and sneak back out. But we did have a great time going on a few rides with Gabriel, seeing the new turtle exhibit, the penguins and the Elmo show. Today took us to Balboa park for a walk and some play time at the park. We always love just watching the kids go crazy at the park. Mikayla is still not quite walking but getting closer every day. As Gabriel and I were climbing the structures, it was sweet to catch a peek of Mikayla and Zac practicing walking. Other highlights of the weekend included Gabriel's new love of drumming on the bongo drums using the two drum sticks (aka bamboo sticks Grandpa gave to him), Zac was happy having the family back around the dinner table after our week trip to Grass Valley, and just listening to the fun things Gabriel is saying. "Hey, wait a minute...." "Actually..." "That's what I was talking about..."

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