Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year, New Challenges and Adventures

Wow-2009 is here in full force. Tracy went back to work this week and now I've started my new job as a full-time stay at home dad. We had a great time spending time as a family and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity. Since Gabriel was born about 4.5 months ago, we spent about a month in Baja, over a week in Grass Valley, four days in Arizona, three days in Santa Cruz, and a couple days camping in the mountains east of San Diego. In that time, Gabriel was introduced to so much. From time at the zoo, to experiencing Ironman Arizona, watching Papa finish his first 50K trail run, or Mama coming back from pregnancy to complete her 15K race, Gabriel was constantly exploring. Now it's time to look at the upcoming year.

Well we have a full schedule. Tracy is signed up for a number of races already and well I've gone overboard. Tracy and I are running a couple of half marathons together. I really enjoy when we do races together. Words cannot describe how proud I am of Tracy as I watch her cross each finish line...when we do it feelings are magnified. On my plate, I've signed up to do the Pacific Crest Trail 50 mile Endurance Run, May 9th. In preparation, I've signed up for a number of trail runs throughout Southern California.

After my race, I plan to switch my focus to my bike. My old buddy Code P, Pete, and I are going to do the Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge in July with over a 100 miles and 11K of climbing . I really look forward to riding in SC again and with Pete. We sure had some good times living in Capitola together. We go out for some hillacious rides and follow it up with combo platters and margaritas at Margaritaville...the good old days!

After that, Tracy, Gabriel, and I will head down to our place in Asuncion for three weeks or so in August. That's about it for now. More details in the days to come.

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Jeff said...

I have a few questions to you about Bahia Asuncion.

What are the current prices there?
Have you been happy there so far?
Are there building codes?
I am thinking of a house like this:

Are the roads really bad leading into town?
I kayak fish: do you see people doing that down there or is it too windy?

Thanks in advance.